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After A Major Clean-up at SIMPLE-TE

This Site is Being Offered as 1st Prize in a CONTEST


All details are set for The Contest to Award A-SIMPLE-TE as the 1st Prize.

Contest started Tuesday July 28 6:00 AM EST USA

After steady promoting that A-SIMPLE-TE is FOR SALE and receiving no response's I have decided to have a Contest and will be Awarding A LFMTE SITE ( A-SIMPLE-TE ) as 1st Prize and 4 Cash Prizes ( Paid to Winners Paypal Accounts ).

To Eneter Contest you must purchase 1 Ticket for the Random Draw - Cost of Ticket $15.00 ( 1 Ticket per Person/Paypal Email ). There will be only 30 Tickets available for this Contest

Contest starts on Tuesday July 28 6:00 AM EST USA - starts when 1st Ticket has been Sold and Ends when 30 Tickets have been sold.

Payment by Paypal Only - Send payment to Paypal Email: jor315@msn.com - Add a note on Paypal stating You are paying for 1 Ticket ( A-SIMPLE-TE ) CONTEST/DRAW

Your payment notice from Paypal is also confirmation for your 1 Ticket/Entry to the CONTEST/DRAW

Random Drawing will take place utilizing random.org

Prizes being Offered are as follows:

1st Prize: 1 LFMTE SITE ( A-SIMPLE-TE ) - Site comes with pre-installed 2 468x60 Banners, 1 125x125 Banner and 3
Domain Name is Good until January 8, 2016
Site is presently Hosted by dahost4u.com - I. Joseph Petrosky, present Owner of A-SIMPLE-TE will Host site until Winner has made arrangement to have Site transfered to their own Hosting - Winner of said LFMTE SITE ( A-SIMPLE-TE ) must Agree to assume All liabilities and etc. pertaining to said Site ( A-SIMPLE-TE )

2nd Prize:  $25.00 Cash Paid to Winners Paypal

3rd and 4th Prize:  $20.00 Cash Paid to Winners Paypal.

All Winners of Cash Prizes will be Paid within 10 Days of Official End of Contest

Winner of LFMTE SITE ( SIMPLE-TE ) will be notified by Email within 10 days of Official End of Contest -  Furthermore Winner of said LFMTE SITE must acknowledge Winning 1st Prize by replying to Email they revceive within 7 days.

For list of Official Winners send request to j2k3l4@gmail.com

Any questions/concerns contact me directly at my gmail: j2k3l4@gmail.com

That's about it for now, Gals and Guys

All My Thanks, All My Best for Everyone.

Joseph Petrosky





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1000 Credits Per Month, 2000 Banners, 2000 Text Ads, 1500 SQ. Banners
$0.50 per verified Referral
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